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About Us


We are a top-tier LCBO hours Toronto, customer-focused, ethical retailer and distributor that gives back to its community and provides value to Ontarians.

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) is an organization run by the government that sells and distributes alcohol legally in Ontario.

We take pleasure in providing customers and authorized businesses with more than 28,000 goods each year from more than 80 countries. We're dedicated to assisting the regional alcoholic beverage sector and know that Ontario consumers appreciate wines, craft beers, artisan ciders, and distilled spirits made in their backyard. Our collection makes it simple to make the best decision to enhance situations.

Since the LCBO's founding in 1927, we have worked hard to promote government goals and carry out our responsibility to the people of Ontario.

CSR is a vital component of the LCBO's mission as one of the world's biggest retailers and distributors of alcoholic beverages. We embrace our responsibility and chance to be a model corporate citizen, control the use of alcohol responsibly and support causes that are important to all Ontarians. In addition, we are dedicated to addressing the social and environmental concerns of the province and building a more sustainable Ontario via our Spirit of Sustainability platform.

All net revenue from LCBO sales is sent to the Ontario government as a yearly dividend, which aids in funding vital regional and provincial services and programs, including infrastructure, education, and health care. The LCBO has been able to enhance its financial return to the government and people of Ontario every year for more than 20 years by focusing on excellent customer service and ongoing modernization.

LCBO at a glance

  • 680 shops for sale
  • Five neighborhood warehouses
  • Wholesaler for 450 supermarkets
  • Program for LCBO Convenience Stores (LCO) serving around 400 local areas
  • Annually, provide more than 28,000 items from more than 80 countries.
  • Supporting 18,000 pubs and restaurants on a broad scale
  • Annual testing by the LCBO Quality Assurance laboratory exceeds 630,000.
  • The Ontario government provided a $2.39 billion dividend in the 2020–2021 fiscal year. In the same period, customer contributions contributed more than $13.6 million to promote Ontarians' health and well-being.